Casual life

It amazes me how often I meet people

Who casually hate

Who are casually racist

Who are casually unaware

Of climate change and it’s effects

Who are Casually blind

To homeless and the down and outs

Who are casually

Unappreciative of those

Suffering from mental health issues

Who are Casually

Prepared to accept war

Casually happy to ignore

The starving and the poor

Even if it’s right outside their door

Who are casually egotistical and gain

Casually ignore others pain

Who casually turn their back on peace and love

Who casually defy compassion and tolerance

These people live so casually they never see or believe

Anything that they have not learnt

Through their lives and their domestication

They are casual in the ignorance

And casual in the indifference to life.

Via:Daily Prompt: Casual


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