Guardians if the canopy

I sit upon a forest canopy

And i see trees stretched out

Right in front of me

And I swear that I hear the forest breath

To sustain this earth and all living things.

These forests are our lifelines

These forest are our lungs

So we should treat them more respectfully

I see the loggers logging

I see them cut and burn

I want to see and end to them

Reducing down the forests

Hindering our ease to breathe

I want to see them doing something else

Like planting and nurturing seedlings

Planting new trees with spiritual feeling

Sitting up here along side me like a guardian of the canopy

Protecting the trees and everything living within them

Helping the Earth breathe with ease

Would be something

Working together to make this world green

And defy the corporation’s drive for greed.

So sit here and join me stopping these men of greed

By standing up for nature and the trees

They are not a luxury item they’re something we need

If we are to continue to breathe.


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