Mind of a predator

Hiding in shadows

Brooding and dark,

The predator lurks

As if they are a shark,

Seeking opportunity

To brutally kill,

Seeking bloodlust

To satisfy their thrill,

Feasting ravenously

On victims, gorging on them,

You will need to be shrewd

To defend yourself from them,

For they are cunning

And clever, despite being desperate,

They know nothing of love

Just violence and hate

And they drool at the prospect

Of another savage death,

Craving the moment

When they hear that last

Gasp of breath

And see the last glimmer

In the eyes that shows

There is life,

As it blinks out forever

Into a lifeless night

And the grisly remains

Will be cast out

In a despicable display,

Of a callous uncaring monster,

Who enjoys this psychopathic game.


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