See the wonders and the miracles

We have been blessed with a gift of insight

To see much more than we believe

Tuned an focused right

We can see such beautiful things

Like the flowing of the sap within plants and trees

And the essence flowing within you and me

Witness the true wonders of the galaxy

This is exactly what we can achieve.

We have a pineal gland that is ancient and old

And because of lack of use is now dormant and cold

But if you reads the legends of old

The third eye was is many stories told

A font of knowledge through the means of insight

Opening up a world of wonder and delight

Nothing is closed with the all seeing eye

If we can re-establish it we could spread our wings and fly

See the truth behind the lies

See how badly we were blind

Judging people by race and colour

And their faith and their sexuality

When the truth if we were to really see

You would realise everyone is the same as you and me

One big celestial family

That’s the truth in conscious reality

But many people are consciously off

And let themselves by the media and those at the top.

So sit for a while and meditate

Put aside your thoughts of material goods, greed and hate

Focus on the consciousness deep within

Devolp your third eye and start seeing

The wondrous colours that beddazle our world

The amazing miracles that start off curled

In the fetal position in the womb

And ends up being supine in the tomb

But in between that is where we should appreciate life

And learn to really try and live it right using insight.


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