Caustic and corrosive

Caustic and corrosive

That is our humanity

I take no pleasure in saying this

But take look around you please

At wars, famine and pollution

And a belief that cutting down trees

The very things that help us breathe

And killing off all the bees

That we need for pollinating

Everything that ensures we continue existing

Shows how little we know or understand

The world that surrounds

Are we really that ignorant

Do we really not see

We are like a caustic, corrosive disease

Yet capable of so much more

We have so much potential of which we choose to ignore

We need to realise this and open up the door

To a paradigm shift, to a global humanitarian change

To right all the wrongs

And cleanse this Earth again

Through nurturing nature

As well as ourselves

To be a better humanity

Ensuring we work for the improved health

Of this Earth and ourselves

And to to transcend the problems that we have dealt

To all things Creation inspired

Betterpractices is what is required.


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