Carousel of life and death

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The carousel of life and death

taking us from the cradle to grave

what happens in between my friends

is everything you choose it to be

fun or fear the choice is yours

sit back do nothing

or fight for a cause

when the carousel is spinning

you can but enjoy the ride

but if you choose over time to learn the lessons

you are here to discover

if you find the key and unlock the door

and find the truth to human being

the carousel shall stop

and your feet will touch the floor

as an enlightened spirit

you will have the choice

ride it some more simply to help others

or walk off to the place known as Shambala

to transition and transcend

to a higher level of frequency

in your natural form of beautiful light and energy

but without learning nothing in this lifetime

the carousel you will continue to ride

the carousel of birth and re incarnation

an eternal life of damned frustration

so mind this time and use it well

learn all you can from the universal well

of enlightened knowledge

offering love and compassion

leading to inner peace and light

then and only then may you dismount this ride.

Via: Daily prompt : Carousel
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