Little garden patch

I work my little garden patch,

Planting the seeds

And pulling the weeds,

Growing my vegetables

Watering my plants,

Watching them grow

In sheer elegance,

An array of colours

It pleases me as the dance,

To see such incredible beauty

In my little garden patch.

The vegetables grow

In perfect rows,

Radishes, carrots and new potatoes,

I lavish on them so much care,

Tending the cabbage and giving fair share

Of water and putting nutrients back in the soil,

Gardening is about putting as much back

As you take out.

Nurturing nature in abundance

To create a floribunda of roses,

A flourishing of strawberries,

That sees your garden sing

In aspects of healthy

And organic growing,

That I witness taking place

In my little garden patch,

My plan created is now hatched,

This permaculture growing

Has come to fruition,

And all of that learning

From nature’s tuition,

Has created a garden

Full of splendour

And graceful wonder,

Enchanted as I am

Under the spell I am

Cast by nature

In my little garden patch.


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