Mind opening

We are a light refraction

Through endless space,

We live a life that we create,

Seems we are sadists

We love the pain

But through this we learn

So then we gain,

Knowledge and strength

Through improved consciousness,

Understanding duality

In every aspect,

Do we appreciate the good

As much as the bad?

Do we understand that being

Happy and sad,

Are just separated

By microcosms of thought

And learning lessons

And understanding what is taught,

by conscious awakening

Which should be sought,

Can help us find answers we need

To reveal to us that we are free,

To choose the path

To dictate our mindset,

The power is within you

And as part of the test,

Of being human

And living the experience,

Discovering answers

In the difference,

Of dualistic reality

That is what opens the mind

And sets us free.


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