Tribal rising

Tribal nature holding us back

I thought we had evolved further than that

I thought we were closing the divides

Hoped that we had stopped choosing sides

Wished we learning to come together

Heal old wounds and go hell for leather

In to learning and understanding everyone’s unique ways

Where tolerance would path the way

To enlightened thinking and maybe even peace

Seems I may have been nice

Because the right wing fascists dividing machine

Is back on the rise moving into power supreme

With its masculine woman fearing stance

Not giving people with other views a chance

Legislating against sexuality

Focusing all their energies around greed

We can’t let this happen it has to be stopped

People hoped to change the system but this was not

What they had in mind to replace this with

Should have been more careful with what they wished

Now we are all in peril as the scrap laws on climate change

As the use their money and muscle rather than their brains

And if we don’t do nothing

To put a stop to this

Then we are all going to end up in the s##t.


5 thoughts on “Tribal rising

  1. Get on the red and black… the tribal heartbeat and their purple Bombers. James Hird was made a scapegoat for those seeking to undermine the constitution and sovereignty from within… for their go (L)d
    Can Joey take out the Coleman medal???
    The Golden General lives. The second wind is coming. The winds of change have blown…

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      1. Who would have something to gain from a 4 year smear campaign and debate on drugs in our society through sports at a government level of initiative?? 🤔🤔
        Add up who is who in the zoo and it isn’t difficult to map the whole idea and a new stage proposed for global economics

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  2. Tribalism and neo feudalism… homogeneous PC hell will only suit their devil wearing a loving father’s mask. The mysteries have never changed as all civilizations have known them.
    The mystery is free

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