Red hot chilli

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Spicy is the best way to describe her

she is hot, and needs handling with care,

just like a chilli she can blow away your senses,

leaving you sweaty and totally demented,

she is tall, slim and sassy and the rebellious type,

takes no rubbish but gave very good advice,

she is full of humor and stylish in dress,

no wonder she is the one that he thinks is best.

But she has high standards and is happy being free,

she does not need a man in her life to make happy

and if she ever found herself in need sensually,

she finds it no problem, finding some who could please her.

Yet she is like a party princess loved to dance and sing

and loves being stylishly dressed with minimal bling,

the tighter the better she finds is the style she loves best.

She is happy to engage in chat and in conversation

with anybody who could engage her imagination,

she supports animal and human rights

and global conservation, climate change and deforestation,

much else tended to bore her silly, remember as I stated,

she is like a chilli so take care with points you making,

if you challenge her in debate and don’t come up to the mark

she destroys your views and contradicts you and tears you apart,

yet she does this in a kind and calm way

she does not ridicule or laugh at things you say,

she simply takes your arguments and with her intelligence

reduces them to fragments of total insignificance.

Wise and intelligent, beautiful and sexy

this woman has it all and that makes her interesting,

to anyone who wants to handle the hot ‘n’ spicy types

but beware my friend this red chilli is not afraid to bite,

but the benefits of her hot ‘n’ spicy taste

is not a type of flavor you should waste.

Via: Daily Prompt : Spicy

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