They don’t care so we must

They are ripping up the land and tearing down trees,

Polluting the air and killing the seas,

Wiping our important species like bees,

Tell me do you still believe

These people who proport to lead,

Actually know what they are doing

Or is it all just a race to greed,

Exploiting the Earth just to be wealthy,

Old men with no care for life,

Who know their time will soon come to pass,

And care less about younger or future generations,

So wake up from the dreams you’re fed through

You Tube, X Box and PlayStation,

Make this your time and awaken,

Seize back control and wrest away from them the power,

Or be faced with a climactic doomsday hour,

Time to stand up to the man and not to cower,

This our world let’s take it back.


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