Universal rip

He caught a glimpse of his love

Through a transdimensional rip

A tear in the multiverse that left him feeling so confused

He saw her making love In their bed with another man

Bit all he could do was gaze through the rip

Of what was happing there

She rolled around under on top

And arched and rode him hard

She pleased him every way she could

He bent her over and took her rough but she then mastered him

This was a side he had never seen of her and was confusing

Is this real or illusory he was not sure

But to say she was in her element was without question

Definitely assured.

He watched as their passions heightened

Through the void it was so intense

He thought he should be angry and jealous

But this role play seemed heaven sent.

They moaned and groaned and gasped and clung

Tight to each other

For sure she had found herself a stud for a lover.

He had decided on an astral flight

Didn’t expect to witness this

And even though it seemed so wrong he became transfixed

He watched until they could do no more

Then watched as universe prepared the rip

Was it his conscious mind that created this.

Hurriedly he resumed his body

Which he had left in his study

And walked downstairs to greet his love

And see if she was with anybody

But there in the lounge she sat reading

Graceful and unperturbed

She asked if his meditation was good

And had not been disturbed

He retorted good and why would it been

When there was only them to there

She said a new neighbour in town had just popped round

And their voices may have got a little loud

He looked at her with much supprise and said ‘no he had not heard a thing’

Then went up to the bedroom and found the sheets all messy.

He pondered on confronting her

But decided against no to do it

But instead would do this more

Just so he could view

And when they went to bed later

His thoughts helped put her through it

And he gave her the same service her stud had done

Like he had something that needed proving.


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