Vive la Anarchy

Left wing

Right wing

Doesn’t matter to me

I won’t take sides

Because I don’t believe

That either side has is right

Both just seem to want to fight

Neither side embracing peace

Not enough love

Both would hinder free speech

All sides want to install their own rules

I am not gonna be one of their tools

To get them in power

So they can then oppress me

I am happy remaining free

And taking responsibility

For my own life essentially

I don’t need to be told what to do

And how to think

And I won’t be used by those in the shadows

Operating your strings

For you’re just puppets

Of those who exploit and destroy this earth

I have a lot more intellectual worth

To see through the hype and see through the lies

I will be fine living my own life

By my own design

Breaking the domesticated political defines

I say its ‘vive la Anarchy’ time

Peace, love, and freedom the new design.


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