Alt Right haters

Right wing fascists

Known as the alt right

White supremacists

Spread the hate

Start violence and fights

Are they regarded as terrorist, no!

Apologists excuse the hate and violence as though

Its exceptable to protect the state

Like being white is the only way

They think that calling people snowflakes

Is the intelligent way to posit everything you say

But actually makes you look educationally stunted

Where they align themselves with Nazi idealists

But the white supremacy dream

Is not realistic, it’s just altruistic people

Making money out of fools

By exploiting their naivety

And using them mercilessly

To do the dirty work for them

From which these suited corporate men

Can get rich from again.


7 thoughts on “Alt Right haters

  1. The Alt-Right is woke as fuck and full of dank memes. They’re not low-T cuckfaces just desperately looking for a white bitch to cum in and raise some retarded white children with…that’s tradcons. They are not the Klan…that’s literally cops and Baptists

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      1. Another words everything you think is the problem of the alt right was your fucking baby boomer neo-Reagan shit. The alt right is the most centre right politics bordering on third position national socialist

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      2. So it’s a bit like saying that within the 3rd Reich you are not the SS, Gestapo, or Nazi’s just good Christian fascists who hate immigrants despite being one. See black people that your forefathers brought to America as slaves as now the problem. Trouble is both left and right wing politics simply advocate violent oppression and division within the nation but that ultimately seeks domination and control without balance or liberty.


  2. I thought that between George Orwell, George Carlin and professor William Lutz, the language would not have taken on such a gross violation of hiding truth and disguising hate.

    Rather Alt Right being the equivalent of Friendly Fire.

    Keeping everyone fighting amongst themselves while the take the money to the bank.

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    1. Yeah all sides are culpable of being played by those who benefit from those who seek to divide and profit from.
      Tolererance and unity is the only way forward but not sure humanity has the intellect and understanding to transcend to this level of unconditional love for all sadly.

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