We all have our own demons

We all have demons and self doubt

And oft times they come out

We we are low and feeling weak

Feel inadequate and insignificant

And these demons are reflected back when we seek

To look in the mirror hoping to see

Strength and spirituality

Resonating through everything

And sometimes it’s hard to see the light

Or to carry on with the fight that’s life

Where letting go takes on new meaning

Where forgiving yourself us an overriding feeling

For the thoughts you have

And the acts you dream of

To end the endless suffering and struggles

Of a life lacking in appreciation

And feeling and sensing the stagnation

If treading water and getting nowhere

And a sense that no one really cares

Unless you are needed to do more than your share

Then everybody wants you there

And you feel as if you’re being stripped bare

So you contemplate the thing you never dare

To leave this darkness in search of creations light

A lay your head to rest in its lap tonight.


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