Little lights dancing

I remember waking one night when I was younger,

laying in the darkness of my room,

my room was like a shoe box

not big in any sense at all

but this house was all my parents could afford.

As I lay there in the comfort of my bed,

I heard the door creak and sensed it opened,

I was laying on my side and facing the wall,

it’s a memory I find easy to recall.

Now as I heard the door shut I closed my eyes,

expecting it to be my girlfriend offering me a surprise

and I heard the breath and felt it on the back of my neck,

I turned to see the twinkle in her eye

but to my surprise, there was no one there,

just an array of little lights dancing before my eyes

and as I struggled to focus I could not shake how strange,

this experience was within my room.

I felt a prickle on the back of my neck as the hairs stood on end,

as I searched the gloom for something,

a little more solid,

so I could come up with a reason for it

but to this day it’s still a mystery,

who exactly was in that room with me

was it a spirit or some other entity,

I clearly had no intentions to hurt me,

or was there some other reason that could explain it,

more logically,

it all just seems so strange to me

and has stayed within my memory

and one day maybe I will find out the answer

about all those little lights that were dancing

right there in front of me.


Via: Daily Prompt: Prickle


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