Malevolent government

Malevolent is government

It’s lost the principles for which it is meant

Government for the people by the people

Those ideals that stem back to ancient Geece

Have been perverted and twisted into a corrupted thing.

Now it’s all about capitalist free markets

That benefit the rich and denergrate the poor

Iys all about the trickle down theory the rich feed their faces

While the poor beg for more.

Its all about control and exploitation of the masses

It all about oppressing free thought

They see up educational systems to produce good little sheep

Who ask no question just keep doing what they’re told.

The oligarchs who run the corporation’s

Now control the media too

And they back the government everytime

When it comes down to it they pay their dues

Because it benefits them in the way of kickbacks

Lining each other’s pockets is the theme of this age

They are destroying our humanity and this planet

Causing so much death and decay

But the don’t cares jot as long as it pays

They will exploit everything in every way

And things have got so bad we have become a nanny state

Where they even tell you what to eat and drink and exactly how to behave.

This is not democracy this simply control and corruption

This is like a collective puppet state with the rich pulling the strings

And the rest of us dancing to the tune they play.

Well cut the strings

Set your self free

Turn your back on this state

Look for something more idyllic and true

And look within, inside of you and you will find your own truth

That you are capable of self rule

Anrcho Syndicalist, collectives are the way to go

They nurture people and allow them to grow

While remaking free and responsible

For everything they choose to do And be

But the rich don’t like this way you see

Because everyone gets a freeware you see

And it abolished the trickle down theory

And so you better had believe

They will try to smash and destroy this dream

If you don’t believe then check your history

In France, Russia, Spain where it was working

They obliterated it everytime.

We need something different

We need something new

Because the present systems are not working and you know that’s true.


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