Willy-nilly attitude

He saw her swagger

And her sublime supple curves

Yet her attitude was willy-nilly

It was truly absurd

She did no want relationships

She just wanted fun

Showing of her body

Big breasts and stunning bum

She decide this was enough to get by

And like with she caught every man’s eye

She loved that she could turn heads

And twist men round her finger

But she was the type of girl

Who would ever think to linger.

She was tall she was slim

Longest legs you’ve ever seen

She was the archetype beautiful prom queen

With her long golden hair

That had an amazing sheen

For men men and some women

She was their lustful dream

And exploited this and used all to get things on the free

If they tried to tie her down

This is not something they would achieve

Because she was a single spirit that liked to party.


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