Sensory overload

Mind over blown

By a sensory overload

Mind full of music

Work and issues from the news

Finances and what to choose

Social media Facebook or You Tube

His heads a mess but that par for the course

Paying attention is hard to do

Don’t even see the surroundings within view

Pass people you once knew

But who you now don’t even see

Head in the phone, head phones plugged in

Unplugged from life and everything

Except the overwhelming sensory

Assualt on your mind and very being

Not even sure you know what you’re doing

Where you are

Or what time it is

I am not quite sure this is existing

Like a zombie you’ve become mindless

Barely able to speak mostly silent

Dead eyed stare and mutterings

Life hijacked by technology

Designed I think to keep you numb

In hope that it will make you dumb

And anesthetized to all that’s done

By corporation’s and government.


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