Vinyl records

Rainbow LP's


I am going to show my age now and risk ridicule

but I remember back when I was young

listening to vinyl singles and albums,

No CD’s way back then

and yes, grainy they may have been

but it seemed to add to the raw ambiance,

of how music to me should actually sound,

real and edgy, not over polished and over produced,

I think that the feeling and the passion becomes reduced,

I had records that were picture discs and different colours,

I love studying the big album covers,

preciously slipping them in and out of the inner sleeve so gently

it was like handling a woman and had the same mystique,

tender as you go, so you don’t damage it at all,

these are the days I recall,

so I am old, yes may be that’s true

but the music purists if given the choice to choose

I believe may go for vinyl every time

or maybe it’s my age and addled in the mind.

Via: Daily Prompt: Grainy


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2 thoughts on “Vinyl records

  1. Most of the music I like comes from my generation, but I do enjoy The Beatles, Queen, and Pink Floyd. Even the band’s of today that I like are heavily influenced by stuff from the 60s and 70s. Some of those newer bands even have special releases of their albums as vinyl, and I too just love the feel of a vinyl record so much more than a CD. The sound is also better somehow. Not much bass, but the quality seems clearer and sharper.

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