Why so ignorant?

Why do we seem to feel

Animals are there for us to kill?

We believe we are superior

But we are like a disease,

Destroying everything

Sending other species into extinction

We are meant to be sentient

But where is the thinking?

Killing off bees and cutting down trees

Will make it almost impossible for us to exist

Where is the thinking?

What is your rational?

You are taking animals and humanity

Right to the very brink.

Animals don’t wear fur

Animals don’t wear cosmetics

Animals don’t drink

Animals don’t smoke

Animals don’t take drugs

But the are made to suffer through vivisection and testing

And this a sick joke

Rich people wearing fur coats

So ignorant because they don’t know

Fur coats look better on animals

How is it you are so cruel and uncaring

A reflection of society maybe

That we just don’t care enough anymore

We are so brutal in many ways

Do we lack the ability to evolve

And transcend into something more intelligent

People who begin to start nurturing

Rather than destroying and exploiting

Simply because of a craving for greed and material things

How ignorant can we be

For sentient beings

We set a new standard for stupidity

We are hear for the shortest of times

So live in the love and the beauty

That creation has given us through nature

We need to learn to live together in peace.


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