Recite after me

They get us sitting all in line

Reciting words and numbers

In rhyme and time

They teach us all as a collective mass

As if our unique individuality is worthless

They feed us domesticated rules and facts

Of how we are to stay on track

And be a good little citizens

Accepting and mute to their decisions

They look to disable your ability to think for self

To sit quietly and meekly on the shelf

They stifle creativity and imaginative possibilities

For they fear that we may see the endless untold things

That may surely see us bring

Our life into awakening

So as to burst through into light

And find a way to ignite

The hopes and dreams that we may have

And find a way to achieve what we see as our destiny

And break away from their domesticated ways

And following and doing only what they say.

Via:Daily Prompt:Recite


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