Questions of love

Where some ask does love start

And why does love have to end

But I say that if you keep an open heart

And rejoice in unconditional love

The asking when love starts is like asking

Where does the universe and end

And when I contemplate why love ends

I say this need not happen

For love is something we should extend

To all even more so to those who caused us pain

For in this love our enlightening is raised

Unconditional love means just that

Living without any hate or a grudge

Towards each and all you meet

To achieve this is an amazing feat.


3 thoughts on “Questions of love

  1. For many, love starts as infants. For many, parents stop that shit early. Mine didn’t. I still love. But sometimes you have to hurt the ones you love. This past year has been a spare the rod kind. I am not going to spoil those children any quicker than they’re going to learn.

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  2. Amen! Although, we must love, does that require staying together? I have many people I love unconditionally (I.e. Family & friends) in which I do not wish to be with everyday. They have their own lives and households. Who to say that there isn’t more to question than the love? Maybe divorce, separation, and all ends of love isn’t cause by a lack of unconditional love, but a selfishness that becomes stronger. So for some maybe it is a battle of self because within love the only destroyers you have is what it is not. Love is not selfish it doesn’t boast or envy. We have all been raised in a society filled with the very things that can succeed over love.

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