Dirty earth reflects dirty humans

Birds wallowing in oil slicks

Smog so dense and so thick

Billowing chimneys pumping out smoke

Vast polluted clouds make us choke

Take a break to the coast

Take a swim in the sea

Raw sewage pumping in causing disease

Plastic crap and other things,

Take a moment to breathe the air

Taste the pesticides and inhale with care

Eat organic from polluted soil

Clean living is such a toil

Read careful what the label says

Its not organic but GM instead

Plant your own food using permaculture

I tell you now it’s far better for you

Why has our earth become so dirty?

Why? because we do not care

And because we allow them to pollute

Our land sea and air

Silence on this makes us as culpable

Be the change and be responsible

Make your government aware

Just how much you really care

And if they won’t listen to what you say

We will choose another way

Like we when we grow our own food from a seed

We will grow our own government out of need

For cleaner, less polluted planet

Don’t doubt this rather you best bank on it.

Picture courtesy of Pinterest


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