Immigrant hypocrisy

Indigenous people almost unknown today

Have seen their societies forced into decay

By other people who came and landed in waves

Isn’t it ironic the descendants of these people

Scream about immigration these days.

In the US, Australia

As well as New Zealand and just about everywhere else

Indigenous people suffered many deaths

Now there are so few left

Ethnically and culturally cleansed

And the unbelievable truth it’s still happening

You don’t believe me take a look at Tibet

China is trying to eradicate everything until nothing’s left.

Truth is how we scream about immigrants

When you come from this

The Pilgrim Fathers and those who sailed the seven seas

In the search of new countries

Have one thing in common

The blood on their hands

And the fact that they stole indigenous peoples lands.


One thought on “Immigrant hypocrisy

  1. A shame when some indigenous group attack those making self sacrifice to bleed for them and work at their direction… rather than going out to take on actual racists

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