Step out into dreams

Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens.    Carl Jung


We dream dreams of such wondrous things

see them not as a reality but as fantasy,

yet who is to say what is to be believed

maybe it’s an alternate reality,

that you are living in or in a different dimension

or maybe it’s showing you other way was to live,

when you step outside into the dream and turn it into reality,

then maybe that is when the awakening begins,

for life is just and series of endless connected dreams

and we could all learn to stop using feet

and start discovering our wings,

and fly off into the sunset of our favorite dreams

and start to live our lives again but this time more happily

and contented for we will be in control and living within self rule

and the only lessons we will be taught will be cosmic and universal

and we will shine a light much brighter that the multiverse has seen

and all because we decided to live our dreams.



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