Man made

Man made atrocities,

Man made hate,

Man made war,

Man made the state,

Man made intolerance,

Man made greed,

Man made starvation,

Man made poverty,

Man made climate change,

Man made acid rain,

Man made suffering,

But man can change.

Out of all this negativity

Man still made wonderful things

But of all the most amazing sights

Man was surpassed by creation,

For it gave this world of nature

And the amazing environment,

So so why do we seem hell bent

On destroying it.

Man chooses to destroy these things

But it could also choose to nurture,

Man could choose to live in love, peace as well as virtue,

Let man made things be wonderful to see

And let them be full of creativity,

Let man made go hand in hand

With nature and with creation,

Let man rise up in positive acts of self realisation,

That if it built a world of peace and love and unified as one,

All these negative acts we have created,

Could one day be undone.


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