Mesmerized flight

Mesmerized flight

I was mesmerized

By galactic sights,

I was so surprised

While taking astral flights,

That everything was amazing

As I found myself star gazing,

As I navigated by sensing

My intuitiveness relentlessly.

I was dazzled by the lights

And all the colourful sights,

Intruiged how multiverses

Shone and beckoned me so brightly.

I glided blissfully

Through an asteroid spree

Of rocks passing me,

Without colliding with me endlessly

And plunging me into oblivion,

It was as if,

Me and the Universe was one,

It was like I had never

Experienced such fun,

Flying through the Universe undone,

Simply at the mercy

Of my intuition head long,

Into a cosmic paradise of love.

Image courtesy of Pinterest

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