We have come so far

We have come so far

Yet we’ve still got along way to go,

We traversed desert sands

As well as mountain tops covered in snow,

In search of the discovery

To who we really are,

We meditate in a hope, to find a state,

Of bliss and inner peace,

We go into, mindfulness, looking for solitude and isolation,

From a world hell bent on desolation,

That cares nothing for

The wonders of creation.

We look to the stars a way off far

And dream of distant places we have never been,

We dream of far off galaxies

And multiverse and trans dimensional things,

For we have thoughts and we have dreams,

As if there is not enough for you And me

But that’s fine, imagination expands the mind

And all we need is time,

To escape from this reality,

That is manifestly illusory

But this is something we don’t see,

Because we’re wrapped in this banality,

Of routine life,

So it’s good to get away and have some fun sometime,

There’s nothing wrong in escapism

Its like get out and about

From our self imposed prison.


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