You rescued me

You are the fabric of my life

The back drop to everything that’s right,

You eased my suffering,

You eased my pain,

I wish to thank you in every way.

I was desolate before you came along

Singing desecration songs,

I was a shipwreck on the rocks

You were the lifeboat that saved me

And guided me home.

All the drink that I consumed

And my body that I abused,

All of my mind was twisted and confused,

Was straightened out by you,

So I want to thank you for helping me

More than that

You rescued me

In the darkness I could never see,

That suffering and pain as well as misery,

Had become the closest things to me

And I was to blind to ever see,

I was lost in this illusory,

Then you came along with your unique reality.

I needed someone to tell how I was living was not normal,

I needed some one who was brutal,

With the truth to show I’d lost control,

I needed the light so bad

Forgotten how good it was

And this mad sad

And thinking it was how I am

I let this make me turn bad.

Then you walked In,

Like an angel

With wings of softest filigree,

Then bent down to me

Placed you lips on mine and kissed me,

It rose me up

It it inspired me,

Suddenly I was full of energy

And you restored the self love, faith and my self belief.

So I want to thank you,

I am beholden to you,

I sink here down on my my knees

And pay homage

To your kindness,

For what you did was not your duty,

You simply cared

And rescued me,

You simply showed me empathy,

You inspired and empowered me,

In to a state of true self belief.


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