God’s and Kings

We find ourselves at the mercy

Of God’s and Kings,

These are the ones who decide our living,

God’s and Kings

They define our lives,

God’s and Kings

Don’t always do what we see as right.

God’s and Kings

Cannot be questioned,

God’s and Kings

Always worry about sedition,

God’s and Kings

Demand we kneel and pray,

God’s and Kings

Say we must do things their way.

God’s and Kings

Set the rules of the game

But God’s and Kings

Never participate,

God’s and Kings

Call us dissidents and sinners,

God’s and Kings

Reputations linger,

God’s and Kings

Enjoy the finer things in life,

God’s and Kings

Leave us in poverty and strife,

God’s and Kings

Are not for me,

In God’s and Kings

I have lost all belief

But not in spirituality that is what I choose to believe.

Image courtesy of Pinterest


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