Greedy little hoarders

There are people that want it all,

Hoard everything and don’t share at all,

There are those that simply go without

Put up with this situation without a protest or shout,

Accepting this as if it’s their lot,

They get nothing while others take the lot,

Greedily gather everything they can,

Even if they dont need it

And I don’t understand,

Why they’re hell bent on denying everyone else,

Stopping them from taking their fair share from the shelf,

So worried that they may miss out

It’s them who scream, protest and shout

And some times this makes me angry

Seeing them so greedy,

Denying others who are far more needy.

I have to stop and count to ten

And go within a mindful state,

Or otherwise I may just put them in their place

But this type of confrontation is pointless,

As they won’t understand Because the don’t give a toss,

For they’re not tuned into benevolence,

They don’t get the idea of sharing being kind,

Only taking what they want,

It would never enter their

Greedy, self absorbed minds

To take a look around and see just how defined

As greedy little hoards they are in everyone else’s minds

And how their petty actions

Are sad by design.


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