Clean or dirty?

Cleanse this planet

Make a stand,

The future is

In our hands,

Its time to finally

Take command,

No more fracking

In our lands,

No more mines

Or dirty fuels,

We have the technology

To make energy pure,

Green technology

Now exists,

So stop putting

Our earth at risk,

Stop exploiting

Simply for greed,

Stop living life

Dirty not clean,

Its time to step up

Its time to advance,

Stop sticking with

Archaic practices,

From the past.

Let’s move to a

Solar and wind future,

Time for us to

Foster and nurture,

A clean society

And environment,

Time to send out

A clear statement,

That the future

Should be clean

We’ve had enough,

Of the dirty

Smog laden days

That caused,

So much hurting,

Of our environment

And also humanity,

Why would you not

Want to be clean?

Rather than dirty.

No more oil rigs

Polluting the the seas,

No more worries

For you and me,

About drilling

In the Arctic

Which is so insane,

Just another gamble

In the greedy

Rich corporate games.

No more pesticides

Dominating our air,

This is a chance

To show we care,

Let them know

We demand clean air,

This a message

We all need to share,

Are you for dirty?

Are you for clean?

Make a stand now

And turn the dream,

Into reality for all to see,

Take the future by the hand

And let’s finally go green.


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