Authentic is me

Authentic is me

Every word that I speak,

Comes from my heart

And is unique,

My poems I create

Come from my

Impermanent state,

I try to speak about

Issues honestly,

No point in lies

That’s just a waste of time,

I do not engage in

Games of the mind.

I write my messages

To resonate with those,

Who may feel the same

Not as ego seeking fame,

I write my messages

To get the word out there,

That as a humanity

We need to care,

So I lay my soul bare

And if you agree that is fine

And if you don’t

That’s fine also,

We live by our own design

And how we wish to be defined.

My message is simple

Discover the love,

Be compassionate

And be kind,

Find the peace

Wake the conscious mind

And through spirituality

We can set our spirits free

And live a life that’s right and good,

The way we know inside we should,

Free from all the illusory that is life.

So hear my words

They are no one else’s,

Share where you can

And be caring,

Let us unite and heal

These man made created divisions,

Regardless of colour, gender sexuality or religion,

Live without judgement,

Live from your own mind,

Free yourself the domesticated life,

That’s been instilled in you since birth

And shine,

And prove to all your amazing worth

And glorious mind.


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