Strength in unity

They can only divide us if we are weak,

If show doubt and lack of self belief,

In what we stand for

And what we represent,

We are unified in love unconditionally,

They use their cunning ways

To cause much in fighting

But let’s not rise to that,

We are unique and all have differences

But the facts remain the facts,

The corruption and the exploitation

Of this world and humanity,

Is causing so much disharmony

And damage to everything that we see,

They must be stopped,

We must open our eyes,

We must stand strong against them,

The corporation’s and politicians,

Care nothing for anything but money in the end,

So stay unified

And stay strong

And let’s sing our protest songs,

Until we get, a world that we deserve

And a humanity living in harmony,

We must show our love unconditionally,

They find it hard to fight against that,

The want conflict

And they need war,

For in this they have the might to strike back,

But they’ve no answers

When we use intellect,

When we are unified,

They then fear our strength,

They fear us using our minds,

They try to dumb us down with many things

But this must now become, our time

To stop these greedy men,

These corporation’s and politicians

From destroying everything in the end,

Through their craving for money

And insatiable greed,

We must rise up in defence,

Of this planet and for humanity,

And in unity we have strength,

The power is, within the people,

When we stand strong together to the end.


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