Don’t worry, stuff happens

We spend to much time worrying

Or just thinking about life,

Sometimes we forget to enjoy it.

Sometimes we forget to live it right

We have to embrace each moment

And stop being so blind,

To the beauty that’s around us

And the amazing things we do,

Learn to appreciate the little things

That you and I may do,

For its to easy to take for granted the simple things in life

And foget to show real gratitude

While losing our foresight,

About the things that really matter

Like love unconditionally

And end up in a state of stress and turmoil endlessly,

Worrying about things we can’t control

And have now power over,

Take care of your soul and sanity first,

Then you can look to others

And ensure that they are ok to

Its the best that we can do,

For the only change we can effect easy,

Is inside me and you

And that’s easy to forget

And easier to neglect

And this is the truth,

We need to learn to honour

All that we are and do.

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