Don’t delve to deep into dreams

Descending down into darkness

Where an ebony abyss beckons us

Deeper, deeper all the time

Did we delve to deep and what will we find

In the depths of Hades I hear the river Styx

Flowing satanically devilish

The smell of brimstone fills my senses

Deeper we go never ending

Ghoulish faces appear out of walls

Screaming noises like caterwauling

Nails scrape down rock as if sprawling

Signs and words of stark warnings

Tormented sirens won’t stop screaming

As the desperate souls just keep bleeding

Begging forgiveness in disturbed beatings

This whole place like it’s seething

Rapists raped, murderers slain

Over and over time and again

By demons who feast upon their brains

And zombies consume what remains

This place that dwells far to deep

I visited in my sleep now I am lost

And there is no way I can find to escape

It has so many secrets

This dark domain a place that drives even the crazy more insane

And normally reached those who are evil and bad

And some who were considered chronically mad

I visited just to sneak a little view

But now I am trapped in this demonic brew

Of long suffering festering seething brainstew

I need to wake up and be safe back with you

But psychiatrists said I came unglued

And moved me into a safer place

With padded walls to ease my state

Using electro therapy which will get my brain

As I am now a resident in a place for the criminally insane.

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