Savour the flavour

I have a penchant for your flavours

You taste so very good to favours

You drive me crazy with your flavours

You satisfy my wildest dreams

So let me taste you and savour your flavours sublime

Let me feel your body next to mine

Share sweet kisses of matured full body wine

Let me smell your fragrance I know to be fine

Just give me your accent or some kind of sign.

I have a penchant for your flavours

And I wish to savour them slowly over a period of time

Just let me savour you for you are fine

You blow my dreams and my mind

And we can explode and ignite

As our bodies collide and unite

In a conflagration of bliss.

9 thoughts on “Savour the flavour

  1. “Gone in a swallow Love, Hate, Remembrance, Longing has become a mirage
    I toast you a drink that will bring the morning
    I’m in the South Pole reminiscing about Your Northern Star
    I will wait for you, I will not believe that our hearts can’t feel the each other

    You are fate, You are the thundering hoofbeats
    Being the passion of my love, you’ve chased me through icy sky and snowy ground

    An inch of light, an inch of my love
    A bloom of cereus, a bloom of cloud
    A bloom of snowflake, a bloom of dreams
    Held carefully in the heart of my palm

    A single seed of dust, A Bodhi tree
    A single falling star, and just only you
    Held carefully in the heart of my palm

    7 reincarnations of husband and wife, just the reflections of a myth
    After the 7 reincarnations, we must wait for another 100 years before it begins again
    you are heaven and earth, you are wind and rain, you are sun
    You are the rebellion of tenderness
    You turned the four season backwards.” -Della ding “Shou Zhang Xin”

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