I feel your ecstasy,

I feel you all over me,

You spiritit lingers,

So does your smell

I love your ecstasy,

Can you tell?

I love your taste and your smell.

I love your ecstasy,

For a long time you were growing on me

And now I feel like I am addicted to you,

When we make love there are no restrictions,

At all.

I love you and the way that you walk,

You seduce me with the way that you talk,

I love your ecstasy,

Come on, come on,

Give your ecstasy to me,

Yeah shower it all over me,

As I move all over you

Giving you the sweetest ecstasy,

It’s what we both want,

And it’s what we both need,

So tell me,

If you need some ecstasy,

I will give you relief,

I will raise your frequency

Entrust your being to me,

And submit to the ecstasy.

7 thoughts on “Ecstasy

  1. something off topic you know recently i started going to another center because they do tai chi and honestly their quite weird but what i found out a few days ago is the story behind them and i honestly felt kind of weirded out by it but thankfully they don’t go to extreme lengths if that makes sense

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      1. If you’re ever interested in looking a tiny bit into it here’s a link to a person’s experience with it (Only that their doing yoga and i’m doing tai chi also can you please delete this comment when you find the link if you can)

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