Head down hopes up high

I always keep my head down

And my hopes up high,

I shine my light on the dark side

And many seem to think I am unrealistic,

With my hopes and dreams

But I don’t care what they’re thinking,

I only got one life so I will live it my way,

Not really interested in what you say,

If negative in any kind of way

I have faith in what I believe,

I got my eyes wide open

And you’re asleep.

So don’t knock my positivity,

It’s founded on a strong conscious belief,

Coupled with my spirituality,

I am far more in touch with reality

Then you will ever be,

As you continue sleepwalking,

Hush your words and stop talking,

If it’s only negativity that comes from your mouth

Doubting my beliefs then I don’t need to hear it,

Because you don’t really know me,

I keep my head down low

My hopes up high,

Life passes by in a blink of an eye

And we’ve only got one life

So I am gonna live it,

Not really bothered if you arn’t believing in me,

Because I have enough faith you see

And I don’t need you endorsing anything,

For all your life you’ve been sleepwalking.

Hush your words and stop your talking,

If all that comes from your mouth is negative stuff,

This i don’t need to hear,

For I have my hopes and dreams

My light and my love

And for me that is quite enough,

To keep my positivity in life

Shining like a light and keeping me flying high,

As my hopes stay high as do my dreams,

It’s all ok because I believe in me.

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