Quiet contemplation

I wait in quiet contemplation

And put aside all consternation

Why we put up with living in apart

Rather than as one with an open heart

Sharing and caring for each other’s souls

Sharing stories never before told

Helping each other through hard times

And helping when sad

Being there for each other when we think we are going mad

Whys it we are divided so

Separated from when we are young until old

I wish to share with you my hopes and dreams

I want to build with you new memories

I wish to live wholly as one

United in existence with everyone

Without fear without hate

Without jealousy or judgement

I just want to be able to give you encouragement

To embrace life with love and peace

Being the pinnacle that we should all strive to reach

Helping each other up each step of the way

And so I sit in quiet contemplation awaiting that day.


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