Pond gazing

Shimmering heat hazes

And reflections on a pond,

Sitting in mindfulness

Watching graceful white swans,

Gliding over the water

Creating only the slightest ripples,

My mind goes within

And solitude then dribbles,

Slowly into my conscious mind

Over rocks into a stream,

My mind goes deeper than I have ever been,

Down into the luminescent glow of the soul,

The peace of this moment

Feels ancient and old.

I feel in touch now with the spirits

And I sense their bliss,

In isolation of this moment

All else ceases to exist,

Tranquilty flows through the chakras of my being,

I feel the sense of being all seeing

Through my pineal gland

Known as our third eye,

I see Multiverses beyond the clear blue skies

Stillness leads to colours

That explode into view,

As I see through the chaos

Galaxies and cosmos’s new

I am empowered and elevated

On frequencies I peruse,

I feel as though in this moment

There’s nothing I can’t do,

Amazing inner peacefulness

Within me exudes

And in this single moment

I learn the universal truth,

That the answers are not out there externally

They are within us

In our being

And created by you,

In an impermant existence

Where love is renewed,

When you open your heart and let the spiritual universe into you.

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