My respiration

Is fuelled by exasperation,

About a combination of desperation

Of world that is divided by nations,

Rather than brought together in unification,

Of a sentient humanity that thinks there is no cost to pay

In fracking the earth and cutting down trees,

Combined with pollution

How are we supposed to breathe

And one day something will lay a wreath

For a long gone self extinct humanity,

Who polluted using plastic in the seas

Living off the planet like fleas,

Infested it and drinking it’s life blood

We are just like a disease

And all the cruelty we show to fellow human beings,

Is so wrong and so obscene,

It has to be seen to be believed,

We are inbred with genocidal tendencies.

Why is it that we can’t get along?

Why we can’t we stand united and strong?

If we can’t do this then what is the point of going on?

If you tuned into the earth and listened to it’s song,

You would here it’s cry if suffering

Here it’s cry of pain as we exploit and rape it time and again.

I ask you tell me where your head is at?

And where is the love?

Have we all just gone insane

Or do we just not give a f… anymore.

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