Quiet little kids

The quiet little kid at school said nothing at all

He just sat and observed,

The noisy little boisterous kids disrupting everything

Never wanted to learn at all

But the teachers all loved the boisterous ones,

Because to them they were so much fun,

The quite little kid just got ignored

The teachers were not sure of him at all.

This tends to reflect in society

The more noise you make and more disruptive you may seem,

The more you get noticed and they see you as fun,

A proper little rascal liked by everyone

But the quiet ones

The ones who are thinkers

Contmplating life and watching from a distance,

Are treated with distrust and viewed sceptically,

They viewed with suspicion

Because they make people feel uneasy,

Truth is they are more consciously attuned,

Ask the right questions and often uncover the truths,

While the boitrous ones are simply entertaining you

By acting the jester and behaving like a fool

But they represent no threat to you,

They will never make you consider what you do

Conscious thinkers seldom get used

While you make the rascals look the fool,

Which obviously makes you look good

Compared with the fool.

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