Read goddammit

Read and set yourself free

Enter realms of mythology

And undeniable fantasy

Where you embrace

Irredeemable properties

And discover philosophies

As well as many unique prophecies

On the meaning of life.

Read with an open mind

And allow yourself

To be redefined

It often helps improve

Your mental health.

Just read for the pleasure

Read for the love

Reading is something

You can never get enough of

When you understand

To open up and breathe

Lose yourself in it

I never skim read

I always go in deep

But all I say to you is always read.

2 thoughts on “Read goddammit

  1. What a wonderful message. Reading IS amazing! The places one can go….the knowledge one can gain.
    Thank you for the reads of my blog and following. I enjoy your writings greatly and am now following you back.

    Liked by 1 person

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