Snake eyes

They spoke in whispers

I heard their hisses,

Malevolent they were

Demonic too,

In the darkness is saw silhouettes

Moving and slithering around,

Leaving trails of acid on the ground

And as I studied them closer

I saw the scaley skin,

Half snake in appearance and yet half human,

They had reptilian eyes and yet wore pin stripe suits

These thing were planning something

No one would ever describe as good

And as I waited for a moment

Where I could raise the alarm

To stop these creatures causing us real harm,

I felt an arm upon my shoulder

And as I looked over,

I saw one of those creatures standing there

And all I could do was look and stare,

As it opened up it’s jaws wide

More than I could have believed

He then proceeded to attempt to swallow me

And as he tried to do so I felt that it was restricting,

In that moment I felt all could now be lost

As it it all went black.

Then suddenly awaking I sat up bolt upright

And found I was laying

In my bed

And in a state of so much sweat,

I looked around and felt relief

Until I blinked

And looked in the mirror and saw my reptilian eyes

And I let out a cry,

How could this of happened to me

And my life.

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