One seed

A state of being,

A biological fact,

A spiritual truth,

Creation backed,

Everyone is equal

Be it white or black,

Be feminine or masculine

A fact is a fact

And some may intellectually lack

The ability to understand that

But the truth is in the life game

Those who discriminate should be ashamed,

For they make themselves seen

Intellectually as if they are coming up short,

This is my belief.

If you check out your biology

Nobody is different,

The same colour we bleed

The same thing hurt us

And cause us pain

And you cannot make the spiritual claim,

If you judge and discriminate time and again,

You are not spiritual if you judge people that way.

We are all from one seed sown by creation,

Spread across many different nations,

In different unique ways to establish variety

But ultimately we are one humanity,

So let’s band together

And banish the hate

And start to accept

We are all of equal state.

5 thoughts on “One seed

  1. I believe in respect for all, and understand that it can be shown in different ways, and if someone wanted to discuss one of our differences I would be happy to do so. I don’t try to change beliefs that are different than mine but I would have to say why I can’t agree. I do not hate those people because they are different but neither can I say, that I approve or their choice, that is up to God. It is interesting that you use the word ‘seed’ because I do too. People who are believers are said to be messengers and the messengers job is to sow the seed, he further says that the harvest is His, so that is the way I try to handle my beliefs.

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    1. Fair point. But I do find the judgemental. Who are we to approve or disapprove. Who says they are different and that different is wrong? That’s my problem with religion speaking for God. It implies judgement where God is none judgemental and loves all.


      1. Not at all ( in reply to the last two sentencesl When God gave us the responsibility he was speaking of spreading the gospel which is the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus. There is a reason for that. Those texts are the ones that will enable mankind to enter into eternity what we generally refer to as salvation or redemption, The scripture that helps to understand that is that He says we can only enter into the heavenly realm by hearing and believing His Son, Jesus the Christ, the Messiah. That is why we are to teach about Jesus and what He did for us.
        Judging is a whole different thing. I’m sure you have heard the scripture “Judge not that you be not judged.” He is saying exactly what you said, which is we have no business judging others, Why? Because we are all sinners and cannot read what is in another’s heart. Let me just take you one more step beyond that thought which is that if we disobey God and judge a person anyway, God’s judgment on us is that we will not receive God’s mercy or His grace in judging us, NO, He will judge us exactly as we judged that other person. So when we judge others, we take a huge risk of displeasing God, and His wrath is not something we want to attract.
        You are correct. God loves us in spite of the sin in our lives. This is why Jesus died on the cross to provide a way that “we” as sinners have a way to be reunited with Him because of our sin. So, God devised the plan and Jesus offered to be the one who would be offered as the sacrifice. I don’t understand fully why there had to be a blood sacrifice, probably, in part, because it was the way the Jewish people did it. All “deals”, promises, sales everything was followed by a blood or for simpler exchanges (like buying something or settling an argument) it would be done with a payment to the offended of other things that were grown. However Important things used blood sacrifices, so God used that method (in part) because they understood it, So Jesus was the sacrifice and scripture tells us that it was a one time sacrifice for all people, living who ever lived and who would live in the future.
        You understood that judging is wrong but l let’s take a look at what God does. ALL judging except for one tiny thing belongs to God. The one thing he allows Christians to judge are (listen carefully) are fellow Christians, BUT ONLY FOR ONE CAUSE. We may judge a fellow Christian for infidelity to his or her mate. In other words if your husband is unfaithful to you, both you and the rest of the Christians you fellowship with are allowed to judge him on that. He can be disfellowshipped by scripture, but doesn’t Have to Be. It is the choice of the leaders of your church and the wife or the husband (the one who has been wronged.) If you both are willing to work together and with a counselor for reconciliation. That is the way God handles it by direction to man who is to follow God’s teaching and beware of teaching his own ideas. Now let’s look at how God is able to offer forgiveness of reconciliation to one who has sinned and it is interesting to note that it doesn’t make any difference what the sin is from stealing someting that wasn’t yours to take, to being a serial killer. In God’s eyes, sin is sin. No big sin or little sin. Sin separated you from God so here is what God requires.
        1. repentant for the sin (this means you must feel remorse, be sorry that you did it.
        2. ask forgiveness this is man speaking to God.
        3. here is where God takes over and explains why He decided to have one sacrifice for all humanity. the death of Jesus.This is the grace of God it was both planned and put into motion.
        2. Jesus the Son of God died, was buried and in the grave for three days.
        3. and because He is God the Son was able to raise from the dead
        4. now that He reigns in heaven with the Father, he will judge all humanity. He will do this by standing beside the Father as our advocate which is a Biblical name for lawyer and he will inform the Father what it means to be a human, whether or not we are truthful in our plea for forgiveness, to be lenient on someone because the one he shot was an accident and he has grieved. So he is our advocate and the Father’s adviser
        sorrow, forgiveness, grace, mercy these are the qualities we each need to be reunited with God.

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      2. Having studied religious studies when young at school I recognise all that you say. I live a good life and so I will not suffer the feelings of guilt and sin. God gave us free will and wants us to live a good life. I won’t and he does not I am sure want me to Surrender my life to man made perceptions of what we perceive God thinks he wants from us. I don’t subscribe to to notion of worshipping in what men call God’s house because the universe is God’s house. Being omniscient he hears and sees me in each moment. If he is displeased he let’s me know. If he is happy he let’s me know. If I need to make decisions he may show me a sign. He and I do not need a third party to act as go between. I know my God and he knows me for we are part of him. He will judge me alone on my day of judgement. I live meanwhile within the existential belief of self rule. I take sole responsibility for my life and will accept full accountability for it. I am flawed as we all are. I will get things wrong, I do show remorse if I do things that may hurt others. But everything that happens and goes on is between myself and my God alone


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