Where is our humanity

Where is the humanity

Its been lost in the insanity

Of narcissistic vanity

Its been lost in the cravings

For material possessions

Its been lost in greed as money is now the obbssession

Its been lost in envy that we keep repressing

Jealousy that turns into xenophobic hate

Worried others might take away something from the state

And you might miss out.

Where is our humanity

Its lost in the insanity

And through all the profanity

We lose ourselves in anger

We lose our sense of fairness

Along with our compassion

We stop thinking logically

And become ruled by negative passions

That spurs us into irrational hatefilled action

We need to find the light

We need to feel the love

We need to raise our selves

And regain our humanity

And conquer our insanity.

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