A moment in nature

Misty morning full of bliss

The most peaceful time there is

Sitting in splendid isolation

No fear of any violation

Of this tranquillity here

Feel the love and shed the fear.

Weeping willows hanging down

Close to reaching the damp lush loan ground

Provide a shelter, provide a shade

In their own unique way

Around me I see nature thrive

Around me I feel so much of life

In abundance playing it’s part

Of creating environmental art

A muse for artists who wish to paint

In wonderment I am amazed

The mist sitting on the water

This is just so blissfully

Verdent prisms of green

Reflecting off the grass through bushes and trees

The birdsong chirps and accentuates

The peace and tranquillity

And I find myself on me knees

Paying homage to this creativity

That surrounds enviromentally

I now down within nature

The sense of ancient primordial eldrich power

Washes over and daunts me

As i live this moment in tranquillity

As I live this moment in peace

As I respect what nature’s giving me

A refreshed perspective

About life.

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