It’s not just coincidence

Why is there such an influence

by people, seemingly indifferent,

to the world in which we live

and the crisis that it’s in,

everything will be alright,

that’s what they say,

I have bigger problems anyway,

like there are more important things than a dying Earth.

Is it coincidence, this indifference

has coincided with the mobile phone,

Is a coincidence that social media

rates higher than saving Earth, our home.

It seems to me we become distracted,

seems to me I am not overreacting,

I think you are underplaying this thing

the damage to our ecology,

I think you’re misunderstanding

how bad it is,

I am not a fear monger,

I am just a truth teller,

we need to something before it is to late.


Via: Daily Prompt: Coincidence


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